To everyone who applied for the online international symposium held on September 28th 【Response to unauthorized access to the Peatix website】

On January 17 (Tuesday), Peatix informed us that there had been unauthorized access to the event participation application site operated by Peatix.

Due to a series of unauthorized accesses that took place from October 16th to October 17th, 2020, up to 6.77 million pieces of customer information, including customer personal information (names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, etc.) The fact that was withdrawn was revealed on November 12th. In addition, it has not been confirmed that payment-related information such as credit card information and financial institution account information, event participation history, data obtained from the questionnaire form function for participants, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. were withdrawn. yeah.

On November 18th (Wednesday), our corporation sent an inquiry to Peatix about whether or not the information on the applicants for the above event was leaked, and we are waiting for a reply.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone who applied for participation. If we receive new information about the damage situation, etc., we will post it on this website. Thank you for your kind support.




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