A secretariat meeting was held with the Philippine PPP Center    

On October 19, the Organization for PPP Promotion and Support (OPPS) held a secretariat meeting with the Philippine PPP Center (PPPC) to discuss the guidelines for holding a joint seminar and the screening of PPP projects to be introduced to OPPS members.

The meeting was conducted by PPPC Executive Director Cynthia Hernandez, Deputy Director Eleazar Ricote, and OPPS Director and Vice Chairman Kimikazu Uemura.

Utilizing additional project information shared by PPPC, OPPS will screen introducing projects for the joint seminar to support the promotion of OPPS members’ efforts in PPP projects in a wide range of fields in the Philippines.

1. Introduction and Recognition of Participants (5 minutes )

2. Greetings (5 minutes )
 Mr. UEMURA Kimikazu
 Vice President, Organization for PPP Promotion Support

3. Discussion on OPPS initiatives for the Philippines’ projects (60 minutes)

4. Other confirmation items from OPPS (15 minutes)

5. Greetings (5 minutes)
 Mr. Eleazar RICOTE
 Deputy Executive Director, PPP Center





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