The 1st Joint Seminar with PPP Center in the Philippines was held    

The Organization for PPP Promotion and Support (OPPS) held the 1st Joint Seminar with the PPP Center of the Philippines (PPPC) on February 14, 2024, the first joint seminar for OPPS members co-hosted by the PPPC and OPPS after a series of Kick-Off meetings and secretariat meetings based on the MOU signed in May 2023. This is the first joint seminar for OPPS members. The seminar meeting was conducted by Ms. Cynthia Hernandez, Executive Director of PPPC, Mr. Eleazar Ricote, Deputy Director of PPPC, and Mr. Kimikazu Uemura, Director and Vice President of OPPS. In addition to Mr. Onodera, Deputy Minister for International Projects who gave greetings and Mr. Ishikawa, Director of Overseas Projects Division, from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, participants from Japan included JBIC, JOIN, JICA, NEXI, and the Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute. The seminar was attended by nine OPPS member companies, making it a large seminar with a total of over 40 participants. The seminar consisted of a presentation by PPPC on the key points of the amendments to the Philippine PPP laws and regulations, and explanations based on concept notes on seven projects in a wide range of fields from the PPPC project database, followed by a lively Q&A session. The PPPC and OPPS will hold further discussions on these projects and provide support to OPPS members so that they can work toward the realization of their projects.


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