Members are entitled to have following benefits. OPPS can provide the following services for members throughout of all the stages of project implementation. OPPS can assist you to evaluate the prospective risks and assess the risk for the infrastructure project formation overseas in advance with a reliable screening method. Additionally, OPPS will support the members with approaches described in the objectives of the foundation charter.

1:Screening for PPP/PFI business types, information sharing
We provide business screening for infrastructure projects shared by developing countries’ governments or other parties and partake information with members and related public sectors.
2:Consortium coordination and formation
We coordinate the formation of Private and Public Sector Consortiums.
3:Negotiation assistance with relevant government agencies
We provide assistance to build consensus with related government agencies to conduct PPP FS and form projects overseas.
4:Awareness building activities and human resource development
We will contribute to further develop PPP/PFI business by developing human resources and providing education and training for related personnel.

Organization for PPP Promotion Support (OPPS)


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