2021 Annual General Meeting was held    

General Incorporated Association PPP Promotion and Support Organization (commonly known as OPPS) held its general meeting on May 18th.

Two proposals were approved: “Fiscal 2020 business report, business income and expenditure, and approval of financial statements” and “Fiscal 2021 business plan and income and expenditure budget formulation.”

In fiscal 2020, due to restrictions on movement due to the corona crisis, we postponed overseas research and public relations activities. We invited guests such as banks, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, and the Asian Development Bank to introduce their efforts, provide information on new projects, and strive to share knowledge with an eye on the post-corona era. In addition, we participated remotely in the Japan-ASEAN Smart City Network High Level Meeting and the Japan-US Infrastructure Forum. In the 2021 activity plan, we will invite external lecturers to hold seminars, further discover new projects, further expand the network to form a consortium, and more actively seek new members.

Even as the corona crisis continues, the global demand for infrastructure has not decreased. This year, OPPS will continue to build more and more networks in Japan and overseas, and will receive various orders from developed countries, Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and other parts of the world. We will continue to discover new projects for the infrastructure business.









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