The First Workshop of the Development of Railways and around the area

On August 2, 2019, Vice President Uemura attended the first workshop of the Development of Railways and around the area at JTTRI (Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institue). The members of the workshop include President Yamauchi as Director of JTTRI, some academic experts, various government agencies such as MLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tourism), JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency), JOIN(Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for the Transport & Urban Development) and UR(Urban Renaissance Agency), and private companies related to railway industry.

In the beginning, Chairman Syukuri explained the whole idea of the workshop, and the results of the preliminary investigation regarding the case studies of major cities in some countries in ASEAN were reported afterwards.

For another topic, a member of JR(East Japan Railway company) introduced the project of development of Shinagawa area including a new station added, and subsequently Vice president Uemura reported urban railway PPP projects of OPPS.

The workshop is planning to have two more meetings in Tokyo (three in total), and also seminars about the development of railways and around the area in major cities in ASEAN within the fiscal year of 2019. Its goal would be to suggest actual solution to the traffic issues in cities by  case studies for PPP and TOD(Transit Oriented Development).




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