The First OPPS Forum

The First OPPS Forum

On July 26, the first OPPS Forum was held at Trustcity Conference Marunouchi (a rental meeting place) in Tokyo,  to communicate and share the PPP projects information with regular members of 11 companies, 1 semi member company, and Mr. Miyasaka, a chief of Div. of Overseas project of MLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Tourism) as an observer.

 Secretariat of OPPS provided the following project information:

1,   3 PPP projects  in 2 countries from original source of OPPS

2,   13 PPP projects  in 5 ASEAN countries from past Yen Loan related

3,   5 highway PPP projects  in Philippine

 Also, one of the regular member companies, Index Consulting introduced 8 railway/highway PPP projects in Africa area, and we had active discussion about the projects after that.

Ongoing basis, we will try hard to listen to each members’ ideas and plans for such PPP projects, and collect the valuable information about PPP project to be from all over the world as well.

 The second OPPS Forum is planning to be held in Sep. 18.

1st OPPS Forum




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