The 8th OPPS Forum was held

The 8th meeting of the OPPS Forum was held on November 17th for the purpose of exchange and information sharing among members. Continuing from the last time, it was held online, but a total of 24 people from 11 regular members and 2 observers from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism participated.

Mr. Keisuke Nakamura, Director of IDB=Inter-American Development Bank Asia Office, introduced IDB’s overseas PPP initiatives. In addition, we introduced the expression of interest in PPP projects, the progress status, and the re-examination of the projects introduced at the first forum last year.

<8th OPPS Forum Program>

1. Opening

2. Theme
 (1) Efforts of the Inter-American Development Bank
  ・Mr. Keisuke Nakamura (Representative in Asia, Inter-American Development Bank  Office in Asia)
 (2) Expression of interest in PPP projects and progress status
 (3) Re-examination of projects introduced at the first forum
 (4) Other information sharing

3. Questions and Answers / Exchange of Opinions

4. Closing




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