The 4th OPPS Forum and New Year’s Party were held

The 4th meeting of the OPPS Forum was held on January 30th at the Trust City Conference Marunouchi for the purpose of mutual exchange and information sharing among members. 10 regular member companies, 1 associate member company, and an observer, Mr. Miyasaka, from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Overseas Project Promotion Division participated.

There were reports on overseas arena PPP case studies, overseas PPP project progress reports, overseas development banks’ PPP support schemes, and overseas smart city activities. In addition, plans for PPP seminars (study groups) have been announced, and we plan to invite participants and hold a total of three seminars by the end of the fiscal year.

4th OPPS Forum

Following the forum, the 2020 New Year’s party was held. Mr. Kunihiro Yamada, Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Mr. Yasuhiro Okanishi, Director-General for International Affairs, Mr. Hideki Hirai, Deputy Director-General, and Mr. Yusuke Miyasaka, Director of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism attended as guests, and received a very grateful congratulatory address from Mr. Yamada. Mr. Keisuke Nakamura, Director of the Asian Office of the Inter-American Development Bank, also participated.

New Year’s party

This year, OPPS is in its second year of activity, and will continue to vigorously promote activities toward the formation of overseas PPP projects and the promotion of projects by member companies.



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