【Online international symposium “The world of three zeros created with Dr. Muhammad Yunus” was held】

December 23, 2022

On the evening of December 15th (Thursday), an online international symposium titled “Three Zero Worlds Created with Dr. Muhammad Yunus” was held. Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and founder of Grameen Bank from Dhaka, Bangladesh gave a lecture. More than 1,400 people applied, and nearly 800 people watched on the day.

The theme of Yunus’ keynote speech is “Creating a world of three zeros.” From the title of his recent book, he made a proposal to aim for a world with zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero CO2 emissions. Dr. Yunus talked about the origin of social business, the foundation of Grameen Bank, and its activities around the world. Globally, the Grameen Group has extended loans totaling more than $3 billion. I felt that Dr. Yunus, who lends unsecured, low-interest loans to the poor, especially women, has “trust in people” at his core. In addition, he said that there are people looking for jobs and people creating jobs in the world, and since everyone has creativity, he suggested that the latter = opportunities to become entrepreneurs should be increased.

Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Before entering the panel discussion, three panelists made comments to Mr. Yunus. Dr.Kohei Saito proposed zero growth in developed countries, or “de-growth,” as the fourth zero. Ms. Rika Sueyoshi asked how to deal with Japan’s increasing relative poverty. Mr. Yunus replied that it is not poverty that is bad, but a system, a financial system where no one is rejected. Dr. Takeshi Nakajima asked Dr. Yunus about the roots of his view of humanity, and he replied, “It comes from my own experience.”

In the panel discussion, three panelists talked about three keywords: Kohei Saito’s “common”, Rika Sueyoshi’s “ethical”, and Takeshi Nakajima’s “altruistic”.

 For Dr. Saito, hints for solving problems lie hidden in the workplace. I agree with Mr. Yunus on the point that the system must be changed. We, the people of the developed world, are also responsible for the poverty and environmental destruction of the Third World. In order to convert to a sustainable society, mind changes and system changes are necessary. There was a statement that it is difficult, but there is a possibility, and I want to have hope.

 Ms. Sueyoshi introduced the activities of the Ethical Association, of which he is the representative. He said that he is pushing people to take a step to change the system. SDGs are goals, and ethical is the mindset and philosophy to achieve them. Only then can sustainability be realized. I believe that education will become more important in the future. I received comments that adults need to learn along with children.

 Dr. Nakajima says that there are many points that sympathize with Dr. Yunus’ idea from the viewpoint of altruism. How to bring out people’s latent abilities = capabilities. This is also an altruistic act. Yunus was able to change the system through Grameen Bank, and when I think about why poor people in Bangladesh received money from Dr. Yunus, I think it was because of Dr. Yunus’s fundamental trust in people. It was pointed out that altruism occurs not only by giving, but also by receiving.


We received many questions from the viewers, but we chose only one and asked three panelists, “Isn’t it necessary to change human values at the same time as redesigning the social system?” Everyone was similarly sued for the need for a change in values.

 Finally, moderator Mr. Uemura said that in order to achieve the three zeros, it is important to distribute wealth against poverty, create new businesses against unemployment, and consider and respect the environment against CO2 emissions. He concluded that it is important to reform the social system.

 We would like to thank Dr. Muhammad Yunus for his lecture, the three panelists who took the stage, and everyone who applied and participated.




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